We Have Everything

Playing with props backstage

My husband and I live in a two room converted garage. His car makes a weird rattling sound when you drive it, and we are kind of just waiting for the wheel to fall off mid-highway. We both have chronic illnesses that cost more than is fair.

Our mattress is not the same size as our boxspring, and our fridge currently has more condiments than actual food items.

According to the IRS, we collectively make just above the poverty line. And yet…


Our Fridge

Everyday we create new things, memories, plans for the future. We laugh more than is polite, and we love more than people believe is real. We recognize that life is the goal, not the means to an end.

A good day is one where we can take a walk in the sunshine, and a treat is the days when we get a newspaper on our driveway. Coupon time! We reconize our luck every. single. day.

It is simple. We don’t have much, but we have everything.

Faery Garden.jpgOur new Faery Garden


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