When the World Says, “Mediocre at Best”

When success seems so far away, and the world says you are mediocre at best.  A cog in a machine, perhaps if you are lucky. Searching for the right fit, the point, your purpose. When the world says, “No.” Again, and again. Remember this…

You are someone’s favorite.

Favorite person, friends, sister, brother, teacher….

You are someone to someone.

And it is so rare that we know the memories we have created within someone else’s mind. Think of your memories, your favorite moments. Did you ever tell those people that those were your favorite? Your favorite teacher, class clown, server at a restaurant, or poet at an open mic. You probably did not tell them, just like someone else did not tell you.

No one told you that your dimples light up your face like Christmas when you smile, or that your hair curls just the right way when it falls. That your eye lashes grow beautifully, or your laugh makes them smile everytime. No one told you, but it’s true.

And that, my friend, is why you cannot possibly be mediocre. 


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