When the World Says, “Mediocre at Best”

When success seems so far away, and the world says you are mediocre at best.  A cog in a machine, perhaps if you are lucky. Searching for the right fit, the point, your purpose. When the world says, “No.” Again, and again. Remember this… You are someone’s favorite. Favorite person, friends, sister, brother, teacher…. You… Continue reading When the World Says, “Mediocre at Best”

What I Learned in 2015

1.) Good things are always just around the riverbend, and the best way to reach them is to listen to the flow and don’t be afraid to dive in.  2.) Soulmates exist, see above. 3.)Family is the most important thing. Always. They are irreplaceable, and oh so valuable. 4.) Money isn’t everything. Enjoying your life… Continue reading What I Learned in 2015