Target!! Oh No!!!

The following is intended for sarcastic audiences only…please excuse any sardonic slips. It amuses me so, the outrage of people towards Target for their recent decision to change to “gender neutral.” Let us first understand what that even means. Target has made the decision to remove designations for “Boys” and “Girls” toys and other items. And this… Continue reading Target!! Oh No!!!

Disney Princess Tell the Story of Female Beauty

When looking across the decades, you can see the changing standards for female beauty in the illustration of the Disney Princesses. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look… Snow White, 1937, illustrates the ideal female beauty of the 1930’s. White skin, pink round cheeks, perfectly coiffed hair, red lips, dressed in puffed sleeves with a… Continue reading Disney Princess Tell the Story of Female Beauty

What the hell, America?

We are moving backwards in time. With the recent lynching of a black high school student, adults making horrific comments condoning the 15 year old death of Matthew Shepard, and the growing popularity of ISIS for young teens. I have to ask myself, what the hell? How are we the same generation who grew up… Continue reading What the hell, America?

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

In response to the article about an elderly man being mugged, and the increasingly desperate acts all over the country, I begin to reflect on why these people are lashing out so brazenly and increasingly often.  In my mind, it all boils down to economics. As hope for the “American dream” of success begins to… Continue reading Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

A Response to the National Climate

Civil rights and social justice are terms which have been thrown around in my education and profession constantly. However, the state of our country today suggests that these need to be much more than classroom buzzwords, but instead should turn into action and initiative.  In every social justice movement throughout history, we can see a… Continue reading A Response to the National Climate